Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saul Bass

I found an awesome overview today of Saul Bass on He designed the title sequences for Psycho, Vertigo, The Man with the Golden Arm, and lots of other worthwhile films. Apparently, along with movie titles and posters, he also designed the logos for AT&T, Quaker Oats, and United Way. I love his use of strong shapes and negative spaces, very high modern. So cool.

check out an analytical break down of his title sequences at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

visual stimulation overload

The first minute 10 of this promo somehow encapsulates what my brain is going though this semester.

Designflux #09 is OUT! from Designflux : Devoted to Motion on Vimeo.

soft sigh and more to come....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I recently complete a class assignment to document a person describing their occupation or hobby. I choose my friend, John Mayer (no, not the rock musician) to share with the world a little bit about his job: Ballin'. Enjoy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

October: one month, 31 films of horror!

So my friend Sarah and I have begun our October challenge. We plan on watching one horror film every day for the whole month, culminating with some sort of Halloween II on Halloween or something spectacular-scream-mystery-fest-of-doomed-hypens! So I though I'd blog about it. My first choice was a film I've had out from the library for a little while now, but have been saving for the Octoberhorrorfest09 called Andy Warhol presents: "Blood for Dracula" a film by Paul Morrissey. It actually wasn't really that terrifying of a film, despite the bad (and sometime confusing) accents, emaciated actors, and spooky filmed on location feel.
Here's the opening shot, a sickly Count painting on his own character's face, ironically in an empty mirror.

The plot center's around a starving Count Dracula reluctantly leaving his Romanian castle to search for virgin blood. His assistant believes that Italy will be full of virgins owning to the fact that the pope lives there, so it must be very religious. Dracula is a vegetarian, very sickly, and just wants to drink some virgin blood so he can go back home and hang out with his stuffed owl collection. There's also a great communist servant character named Mario played with in anachronistic New York accent who basically chops and sexes his way through the film. The scariest part was maybe the cameo by Roman Polanski as a tricky italian peasant, in which he uses the full powers of his 70's mustache to out trick Dracula's personal assistant. I think this is a good, arty start to what promises to be a month of watching people vomit blood, rise from the grave, and back away in horror. Hey, where are YOU going? Wait, come back....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Public Option is the only option

Let's talk about health, baby:

anybody want to get together and call some congress people? With 50-70% public approval for some sort of public option in the polls, basically if democrats drop the ball on the public option, it's time to question who you want to vote for next year, pepsi or coke. Man, I'm pretty sure I can see the blood money bulging out of the congressmen's pockets and fluttering down to the stained carpet of congress. disgusting.

I dare the terminally ill without insurance to visit DC and set up hospital beds on the congress steps. Maybe people dying outside of their puppet show may be the only photo-op that would make those selfish bastards turn their heads from counting their campaign contributions. Anybody up for a trip to dc?

Seasame Parodies

It all started with a video gum posting today on a sesame skit Parody of "Mad Men":

Then lead to "Twin Peaks":

400 blows:

Waiting for Godot:

I love Alistair Cookie's commentary "A play so Modern and so brilliant it makes absolutely no sense to anybody, including Alister." The ending on this is pretty cute, and actually WAS the original ending to Beckett's play... or maybe not.
Well, have fun kids, I wonder if they ever did a "Soprano's" parody?