Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sugar PSA

New video project up on YouTube.  This one is a collaboration with two of my class mates, Holly and Kristina.  Basically, I shot a bunch of crazy footage and turned them loose to post-produce the heck out of it.  The assignment was to make a 30 sec ish PSA.  I think we killed it:

I was cleaning sugar out of my ears for days :(.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Velvets

The Velvet Underground is reuniting... for my Birthday!!  At the New York Public Library no less:


The Velvet Underground with Lou Reed, Maureen ‘Moe’ Tucker, Doug Yule & David Fricke

Today, the Velvet Underground are the stars they always deserved to be – the Beatles of New York – with a rich and still mysterious story that continues to unfold: in the new visual collection, The Velvet Underground: New York Art, and tonight, in this unprecedented reunion of Reed, Tucker and Yule, on Tuesday, December 8th, LIVE from the NYPL!

  Too bad I won't be in NYC waiting in the freezing weather for a sold out show.  Hopefully this will result in some kind of free podcast I can listen to whilst pixel pushing.  Of course it's kind of lame since John Cale ISN'T going to be there, but I think he's probably cleared the day to come over to my basement to do a single note 48hour jam session featuring the cosmic tone on my casiotone.  Or a least that's how I party.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What should NOT be.

 This video makes me never want to touch vfx software again.  in fact, it makes me want to destroy all vfx software in a systematic holocaust to make sure this never happens again.

On the other hand... that cat tail on the exotic dancer certainly was a creative leap, no?

marvin gets minskied

Marvin Minsky lets you read his books online:


for free.

okay, not "society of the mind", but the most of the rest, including his new book.
I know what you are all getting for x-mas.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

radiolab as visualized algorithims

Robert Hodgin

Solar rework from flight404 on Vimeo.

Radiolab + Processing = awesome.

Stop Motion

I'm pretty excited to be done with this project, inspired by a month of horror films and a five second challenge that turned into ten seconds of fun and learning (oh yay!). I did the stop motion first with a dollar store Halloween decoration, filmed myself against one of my truly spooky bedroom walls, then spent hours in photoshop color correcting and using a script to turn them into short movies when loaded into AE.

I'm looking forward to doing more stop motion pieces in the future, maybe with some more constructed sets.