Monday, April 13, 2009

Time is flexible

Another beautiful sunny/rainy day in Portland. I was defeated in posting a comment on Vange's blog about how I, too, love scalding showers. Boo. Anyway. Listening to Nick Cave and remembering why I love the Hammond Organ, and how stoked I am to be playing with a band that has one. We actually have a few shows booked a month or two away, I'll be posting more info closer to the dates. I'm actually trying to plan a bit of a house party to with some really fun bands on the bill.

I just finished yet another Flash project for school and thought I would link it up to the page to show it off. You can find it here and play around with it. It's has movable buttons so you can practice making flower arrangements. I know, SO useful! The assignment was to figure out a creative way to use draggable buttons. Try it out and tell me what you think!

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