Sunday, December 28, 2008

flickr and you

I'm currently swimming upstream from an insomnia drenched whirl-pool of strong coffee and long simmering creative projects. My powers of procrastination have yet to fail me and I've uploaded a bunch of new photos to my flicker "photograph" set. Most of them are fun cold war propaganda from the museum of communism in Prague that I took pictures of back in 2005. such as these gems:

The caption for this one "A Young builder of socialism looks different from a decadent swine" This has to be said in a Yakov Smirnoff accent or you will be fined fifty roubles, ha ha, I LOVE this country!

There are a few more up that are pretty ridiculous, The patriotic third grader in me was kind of traumatized when I first saw the posters, but got over it quickly because they were so goofy, oh propaganda!

I also put up some never before released pictures from a mustache series I was shooting this summer, as well as some more travel photos from all over. Pretty exciting if you have absolutely nothing to do.... And I'm pretty sure you don't. Because you're reading this. So there.

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