Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will blog for food

So I just got a blogging job with Examiner.com blogging about Portland's vegan restaurant. I get paid by how many hits I get, so read up, good people. My official title is Portland Vegan Restaurant Examiner and you can read my articles here.

Future plans include writing a list of places that serve vegan icecream; interviewing the mastermind behind Voodoo Doughnuts new vegan yeast doughnuts; going to "Casa Diablo", the world's only vegan strip club; and interviewing the chef of the new Vegan bakery, that's opening on Alberta in June, Back to Eden. Excitement!

Also, check out my Awesome Vegan Links list for more restaurant review sites, and a link to a list of Vegan beers and wine that are popular around Portland. I love you guys, let me know if there's something or someone I should write about!


Anonymous said...

I be clickin'.

...Self-Unemployed in Margaritaville

madeline said...

you are eating the wrong part of the carrot.