Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nirvana Bassist fails at Rock Band 2

Nirvana Bassists Krist Novoselic recently admitted to failing to be able to play the bass line for "In Bloom" on the video game "Rock Band 2" He writes on his blog at the Seattle Weekly's website:

"I know about Rock Band, because Nirvana has some songs on it. I had never tried the game before, so I gave it a go. I worked through the menu and found the song "In Bloom." I picked up the little guitar-shaped controller and hit the stage.

I knew the bass line to the song, of course, but I couldn't quite master this new, different way of playing it.

The game reminded me of Space Invaders. I tried to hit the notes cascading down the screen, but could barely keep up.

Meanwhile, this kid was watching me fumble with the game. I became self-conscious and took the controller off. I handed it to him, and he proceeded to jam on the song—and was really good! He had no idea that I was the musician he was emulating on the game, and I didn't tell him."

Hmmm, makes me feel better after the last time I went up against my arch nemesis Eric Clapton's guitar riffs on "Sunshine of Your Love" on Guitar Hero.  Don't be sad Krist, you could probably kick that kid's ass when it came to Space Invaders.... right?

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