Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What not to watch at work

My very first blog contribution is from my friend Andy J. who told me to check out the adult swim show:

"Xavier: Renegade Angel" a computer animated cartoon featuring "a Native American-influenced faun-like wanderer/seeker with a snake hand, backwards knees, a beak, heterochromic eyes, and six nipples" from the people who brought you Wonder ShowZen.

In this episode Xavier wakes up from sleeping on his dream catcher only to have conversations with mother earth and stop a cookie factory that's gone too far! Told in a non sequitur-style humor like many adult swim cartoons, it's a wacky ride through absurd country on a pig drawn peanut brittle sleigh...
You can watch them here:

They're rated MA, so probably not the best thing to watch at work, but hey, I ain't your boss. Enjoy, and thanks, Andy

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